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Vaginal Splash (Global) Affiliate Program

Discover the advantages of advertising for Vaginal Splash:

Thank you for your interest in the Vaginal Splash Affiliate Program. We are committed to providing our affiliates partners with competitive commissions and unique products that consumers love to have and use.

In 2020, Vaginal Splash was named best online marketplace for Great customer service, communication and easy to use platform and the largest seller,


  • 30% commission rate
  • Training in all areas 
  • Promotional tools including text links, banner ads, and more
  • Frequent newsletters with program updates, promotions, and contests
  • Dedicated management and support


If you are a PPC affiliate, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. You may not bid on any of our trademarked terms, including any variations or misspellings thereof, for search or content based campaigns in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine.
  2. You may not use our trademark terms in sequence with any other keywords (e.g. Vaginal Splash Coupon).
  3. You may not use our trademarked terms in your ad title, ad copy, display name or as the display URL.
  4. Your ad title and ad copy must not create the impression that your website is our Website.
  5. You must link directly to your Website. Redirects to our website are unacceptable and is writing in our company policy.

If you are found to be engaging in any of the above practices, we reserve the right to reverse any/all sales generated. It is suggested that if you participate in PPC advertising, that you add our trademarked terms as negative keywords.

Trademarked Terms: Vaginal Splash, 


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